Our Independence allows us to design the best solution for our clients

As a firm with no external shareholders with conflicting interests and no investment banking arm speculating with capital, our incentives are aligned with yours: preserving and growing your wealth across generations.
The motivation of your relationship manager is guided by your primary drivers and risk parameters. We see all clients as bespoke, with different goals and investment needs. This is why the investment services we offer and the way we deliver them into your portfolio are unique to you.

Responsibility is essential to risk management and performance

As a boutique business, we continue to apply the principles and values on which we were founded: service, integrity, trust and accountability with the long term in mind. We put risk mitigation at the core of our investment strategies, constructing portfolios around the most relevant definitions of risk and understanding.
We would rather miss an opportunity than invest when risk is not sufficiently rewarded or transparent to assess. Our naturally prudent attitude and bespoke risk assessments should help us deliver better investment results in the long term.

An holistic approach

You can choose to have your portfolio administered in the base currency that is most appropriate for you. We offer you access to every market worldwide. Your portfolio can be invested in individual securities and/or funds. Your wealth manager will be aware of your investment planning objectives, legal and tax issues, as well as your preferences in terms of financial instruments, sectors and markets.
Our private banking relationships offer you online access at all times to a fully transparent, consolidated view of all your portfolio holdings. You can therefore evaluate how your wealth and risks are being managed according to your mandate.

Pictured - Cat Ross, Compliance Manager

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