“Wealth preservation and performance driven through dynamic and pragmatic decision-making”

Advisory Service

·         We focus primarily on client need within bespoke risk parameters.
·         We analyse pricing and the macro investment themes driving market trends.
·         We measure deviation in order to mitigate risk and ensure wealth preservation is maximised.

 Defensive Approach

 ·         We believe that defensive portfolios should be restricted to defensive assets at all times.
 ·         Defensive assets can at times be expensive and therefore higher risk assets could be safer when valued at a large discount.
 ·         Our main objective is to be selective and capture cyclical events in all asset classes.

 Considered Management

 ·         Our client thoughts are always challenged with simple and pragmatic questions:
 ·         Is the expected return in line with your own default risk parameters?
 ·         Are your historical experiences in line with your expectations i.e. defensive assets can be risky when too expensive.

 Efficient Independence

 ·         We are not linked to any investment bank
 ·         We develop bespoke investment solutions for each relationship
 ·         Our independence, provides open-architecture which in turn generates demonstrable cost savings and benefits for our clients

Pictured - Zuleika James, Company Secretary