Tourbillon Limited is a discreet investment office dedicated to developing bespoke and innovative solutions for wealthy families and individuals.

We provide advice on asset allocation and portfolio construction for a full range of asset classes. In addition, we also assist clients with the optimisation of their portfolio-management platform by delivering practical turn-key solutions designed to reduce costs, enhance market access and strengthen safety of custody arrangements.

The Tourbillon Private Client division was founded by Mark Crossley (who has long-standing experience in the private banking industry), in order to offer bespoke investment services to clients, who expect truly tailored solutions for their individual requirements.

Tourbillon Limited was founded on the basis of applying simple but valued principles. We have no external shareholders and no investment banking arm speculating with capital, our incentives are aligned with that of our clients – preserving and increasing wealth over time.

We provide by nature a boutique offering in order that we can deliver our core principles: Service, Integrity, Trust Earned and Accountability

Our true aim is to establish service-driven long-term relationships with clients, who wish to work with a flexible and reputable partner in a confidential manner.

Pictured - Mark Crossley, Founder & Managing Director

Head Office

Trinity House
Ocean Village Avenue

T +350 200 66660
F +350 200 62732